Digital signage made easy

Say Hello to Tellystream

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Play out digital content to multiple Samsung TVs.

Tellystream enables an inexpensive digital signage or info screen system with very easy setup. No other hardware is needed! Benefit from the stylish design, built-in WiFi and good availability of regular Samsung TVs.


No Samsung TV available? Install Tellystream and start streaming your images and web content to any device running XBMC including the Raspberry Pi.

Communicate and Advertise

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Tellystream makes it easy to combine your different content sources into a seamless stream with transition effects. Improve your intra-company communication by informing about events as well as operational and social activities. Easily mirror some of your intranet web pages.


What is today´s lunch menu?

Advertise your products or services anywhere on your premises. Create high attention with low investment. Find out how stylish Samsung TVs look on your wall.

Collect them all in one place

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Tellystream enables you to play out periodically updating snapshots of web pages. The system supports HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript giving you unlimited possibilities to visualise your data and business intelligence on the big screen.


Show your favourite web pages or use our weather and RSS templates. Third party technology such as Geckoboard enables stunning dashboard visualizations of Google Analytics, Twitter, Pingdom, MailChimp and many more.

Who are you?

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Tellystream is designed for companies, schools, universities, pubs, sport venues, shops and many more. Our smart architecture gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience with the right content in near real-time. From simple HD images to complex web mash-ups.


Are you a running a sports bar or pub and showing live TV? Perfect!

Take over your TV and show your own advertising during the breaks. Tellystream enables you to switch remotely between live TV and your content without any hardware.

Give Tellystream a try!

Tellystream is now available as free software both for public and commercial use.